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Ruan (, pinyin: ruǎn) or Ruanqin (阮琴, particularly in Taiwan) is a Chinese plucked string instrument. It is a lute with a fretted neck, a circular body, and four strings.

The ruan is now most commonly used in Chinese opera and the Chinese orchestra, where it belongs to the plucked string (弹拨乐 or chordophone) section.

Sizes: The ruan comes in a family of five sizes:

  • Soprano:     Gaoyinruan (高音阮, lit. "high pitched ruan"; tuning: G3-D4-G4-D5)
  • Alto:             Xiaoruan     (小阮,    lit. "small ruan";            tuning: D3-A3-D4-A4)
  • Tenor:          Zhongruan  (中阮,    lit. "medium ruan";        tuning: G2-D3-G3-D4)
  • Bass:           Daruan        (大阮,    lit. "large ruan";             tuning: D2-A2-D3-A3)
  • Contrabass: Diyinruan   (低音阮, lit. "low pitched ruan";   tuning: G1-D2-G2-D3)


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