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Laser hồng ngọc 
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Laser a rubino (it); Laser à rubis (fr); Rubinski laser (hr); Rubinlaser (de); Laser hồng ngọc (vi); لیزر یاقوت (fa); 紅寶石雷射 (zh); рубински ласер (sr); ルビーレーザー (ja); Laser rubinowy (pl); לייזר אודם (he); Robijnlaser (nl); ruby lazer (hi); laser and its uses (te); ruby laser (en); ليزر ياقوتي (ar); Rubínový laser (cs); rubena lasero (eo)
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Pri nciple - The laser is based on the principle of induced stimulated emission of radiaton by atom

Construction - It consist of a crystal of AL2O3 added with 0.05% cr ions.This crystal known as rubby crystal ,ruby red in colour.This crystal is inthe form of rodhaving 2 to 30cm lenght and 2 cm in diameter.The end faces of this rod are made with fully reflecting (100%) and partially reflecting by polishing them with silver the two ends form a resonant cavity.The laser rod is surrounded by a helical photogaphic flash lampfilled with xenon.

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