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Deutsch: Jede Kategorie eines Schiffes ist in dieser Kategorie "Ships by name" einzuordnen. Sortierung duch {{DEFAULTSORT:Name}}. In dieser Kategorie keine Bilder.
Wenn ein Schiff seinen Namen ändert, bitte eine neue Kategorie für die Bilder schaffen. Also "Schiffsname1 (ship, jjjj)" und "Schiffsname2 (ship, jjjj)". Diese Bilderkategorien dann zur übergeordneten Bootskörper-Kategorie "IMO" weiterleiten.
English: All categories named for a specific ship or a barge should be included in this category. To be sorted by their name: {{DEFAULTSORT:Name}} can be added. Do not add images and galleries directly to this category.
If a ship changes her name, please create a new subcategory for images/files with the new name. Both categories should be subcategories of the category for the ship's IMO or ENI number. If there is no number, the category with the old name should be a subcategory of the one with the new name.
Français : Chaque bateau doit être ordonnée dans cette catégorie + {{DEFAULTSORT:Name}} Aucune image dans cette categorie.
Nederlands: Alle categorieën op de naam van een schip horen hier thuis. Om zeker te zijn dat ze in de juiste volgorde komen kan {{DEFAULTSORT:Name}} opgenomen worden in de categorie op naam.
Maak s.v.p. een nieuwe categorie voor een schip, als het schip van naam verandert. Gebruik voor de foto's/bestanden dan die nieuwe naam. Zowel de oude als de nieuwe naam horen subcategorieën van de categorieën van het schip onder het IMO of onder het ENI nummer te zijn. Als zo'n nummer van het schip niet bestaat of bekend is, maak dan de categorie met de oude naam een subcategorie van de categorie met de nieuwe naam.
How to create a category for a ship
A. When to create a category for a specific ship
If you know the name of a ship in a photo, you might want to create a category for the ship.
B. How to name the category
  1. In general, name the category with the ship's name as painted on the vessel (when the picture was taken).
    Sample: This photo shows "Isla de Botafoc" in 2008. The category is named "Isla de Botafoc (ship, 1980)". This even if the ship had other names before and afterwards.
  2. The general format for category titles is "<name of ship> (ship, <year>)". <year> is the year the ship was completed, see Category:Ships by year built for further information.
    Samples: "Golden Hind (ship, 1973)" or "Pacific Dawn (ship, 1991)".
  3. "<name of ship> (ship, <year>)" is a naming convention rather than a disambiguation rule. "(ship, <year>)" is added even if there is no other category named "<name of ship>". The "<name of ship>" may already mean ship.
    Samples: "Norwood (ship, 1899)" or "Europic Ferry (ship, 1968)" or "Mein Schiff 2 (ship, 1997)" or "The Big Red Boat II (ship, 1966)".
  4. Submarines use "<name> (submarine, <year>)" and tugs/towboats use "<name> (tugboat, <year>)". All other types are identified by category:Ships by type.
    Samples: "Akula (submarine, 1909)" or "Cape Romain (tugboat, 1979)".
  5. Fishing ships display their license number. Categories for these have the format "<license number> <name> (ship, <year>)" (see Category:Fishing vessels by license number).
    Sample: This image shows "N206", the category is named "N206 Castle Bay (ship, 1965)".
  6. Prefixes are generally omitted.
    Samples: "Titanic (ship, 1912)" instead of "RMS Titanic (ship, 1912)". Rather "Ammonia (ship, 1929)" than "DF Ammonia (ship, 1929)" or "SF Ammonia (ship, 1929)" .
    • Exception: If the name as painted on the ship always includes the "prefix", the category name includes it as well.
    Sample: MS. Volendam (ship, 1990) as the name on the vessel reads "MS. Volendam".
  7. If there are several ships with the same name built in the same year, the place where the ship was built/location of the shipyard is added: "<name of ship> (ship, <year>, <place>)".
    Sample: "Mistral (ship, 1999, Saint-Nazaire)" as there are several Mistral (ship, 1999).
    • In the rare case that there are several ships with the same name built the same year at the same place, the yard number is also added: "<name of ship> (ship, <year>, <place>, <yard number>)".
    Sample: "Stena Transporter (ship, 1978, Ulsan, 649)" and Stena Transporter (ship, 1978, Ulsan, 651).
  8. If you don't know the year the ship was built or can't find it, just use "<name> (ship)".
    Sample: "Ben Campbell (ship)".


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