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<nowiki>Shutruk-Nakhunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Sutruk-Nakhunte; Šutruk-Naḫḫunte II.; Sutruque-Nahunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; شوتروک ناهونته; 舒特魯克·納克杭特; Shutruk Nahunte; シュトルク・ナフンテ1世; Sutruque-Nahunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Szutruk-Nahhunte I; Шутрук-Наххунте I; Shutruk-Nahhunte I; شوتروك ناخونته; Шутрук-Наххунте I; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; شوتروك ناخونته; Shutruk-Nakhunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; re elamico; König von Elam; roi élamite; Rei elamita; elamite king; Rei elamita; rei elamita; rey elamita; Shutruk-Nakhunte I; シュトルク・ナフンテ; シュトゥルク・ナフンテ; Shutruk-nahhunte; Shutruk-Nahhunté Ier; Shutruk nahhunte; Szutruknahhunte II; Шутрук-Наххунте; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Shutruk Nahhunte; Shutruk Nahunte; Nahunte; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Schutruk-Nahhunte; Šutruk-Nahhunte; Sutruk-Nahhunte II.; Šutruk-Nahhunte II.; Shutruk-Nahhunte; Shutruk-Nakhunte; Šutruk-Nakhunte; شوتروک ناخونته اول; 舒楚克-納克杭特; 舒特魯克-納克杭特; 舒特鲁克·纳洪特; Šutruk-Nahunte</nowiki>
elamite king
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Date of birth13th century BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death1165 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Country of citizenship
Position held
Noble title
  • Hallutush-Inshushinak I
  • Shilhak-Inshushinak
  • Kutir-Nahhunte III
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Shutruk-Nakhunte, was king of Elam from about 1184 to 1155 BC (middle chronology), and the second king of the Shutrukid Dynasty.

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