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English: Sipahi (Ottoman Turkish: سپاهی; also transliterated as Spahia or Spahiu in Albanian, Spahi, Sepahi, and Spakh) was the name of an Ottoman cavalry corps.

In the form of "Spahi" it was the title given to several cavalry units serving in the French and Italian colonial armies during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The name ultimately derives from the Persian: سپاه (sepâh, meaning "army") and has the same root as the English term "sepoy".
<nowiki>Cipayo; Szpáhi; Сыпай; سیپاهی; Сипаһтар; Sipahi; Spahi; سپاهی; Спахия; Spahi; Sipahi; スィパーヒー; Spahi; סיפאהים; Spahija; 스파히; Sipayisse; Спахија; Sipahí; Spahija; Spahi; سىپاي; Sipahi; Сипахи; Spahije; Sipahi; sipahi; Sipahi; Сипахи; Sipahi; Sipahiai; Spahija; سىپاي; Sıpaý; Сыпай; спахија; Spahije; กองทหารม้าซิพาฮิ; Sıpaý; Сыпай; Sipahi; Spahisi; Sipahi; Sipahilər; 希帕希; Spahi; Спахија; Espahí; Sipahi; سباهية; Σπαχής; Sipohiy; concepto para definir a las tropas nativas de un lugar que eran fieles a los europeos; Soldat de cavalleria otomà; Ғосман империяһында ауыр кавалерия; Soldaten unter osmanischer Fremdherrschaft; turkkilainen ratsuväki; Ottoman cavalry corps; فرقة السباهين في الجيش العثماني; тяжёлая кавалерия Османской империи.; askeri sınıf; Sipahi; Sipahis; Spahija; Спахии; Спахи; Сипаһ, Ғосман сипаһтары, Төрөк сипаһтары; Spahis; Spahi; Spahi; Spakh; Sepahi; Cipayo; Спахии; Спахије; Tımarlı Sipahiler; Tımarlı sipahi; Topraklı Süvari; シパーヒー; セポイ; Sipahis; Spahis; ทหารม้าซิพาฮิ; Sipahi; סיפאהי; Spakh; Sepahi; Sipahi; Σπαχήδες; Spahier; Sepâhi; Sipahier; Turkiska Sipahier; Spakh; Sepahi; Sipahi; Спахи; Сюварі; Сіпагі; Spahis; Spahi; Sipahis; Spayisse; Spahi; Cipayos; Sepoy; Sipahi; Sipahíjové; Sipáhijové; Spahije</nowiki>
Ottoman cavalry corps
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