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  • cittern - Cistre - Sister. ATLAS of Plucked Instruments. "In France and Flandern the cittern also survived for a long time in its original shape, but developed around 1750 into an instrument, quite similar to the English guitar. It was called cistre, or cythre, or guitthare allemande ("German guitar", to differenciate it from the "Spanish guitar", that had gut strings).”, “The cistre was in use up to around 1800. In Germany and Austria a similar instrument, called sister, was popular around the same time, but often with single strings. And in Russia the 7-string Russian guitar became popular, which was tuned in a open G-tuning."
  • Andreas Michel (2008). Sister ("Deutsche Guitarre") (in Germany). Musikinstrumenten-Museum der Universität Leipzig. Studia Instrumentorum Musicae.