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According to § 35/1 of the act No. 29/2000 Sb., postage stamps of the Czech Republic (since 2000 July) are officially issued only by state ministery (since July 2007 by Ministery of Industry and Trade, between 2003 January – 2007 Juni by Ministery of Informatics, between July 2000-2002 by Ministery of Transport and Communication), and according to § 3 of the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Sb., official works are excluded from the protection of copyright.

Before July 2000, according to the act No. 222/1946 Sb., post services were an exclusive right of the state and the Czechoslovak (and lately the Czech Post, since 1993) was a state enterprise which executed exclusive state rights when issued post stamps.

Be aware that § 21/1 of the act No. 200/1990 Sb. (Misdeed Act) says that illegitimate fabrication of a reproduction of a "cenina" is an offence. ("Přestupku (proti pořádku ve státní správě) se dopustí ten, kdo a) neoprávněně zhotoví reprodukci ceniny nebo neoprávněně zhotoví nebo uvede do oběhu předmět, který by mohl být zaměněn s ceninou nebo si takový předmět neoprávněně nechá zhotovit nebo jej neoprávněně užije, bez úmyslu se obohatit nebo padělat veřejnou listinu nebo uvedené předměty.") However, no act says what kinds of reproduction of "cenina" are illegitimate. Forgery of post and revenue stamps is also punishable according to § 246 of the Criminal Act (40/2009 Sb.).


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