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<nowiki>စတီရီယိုစကုပ်; sztereoszkópia; Estereoskopia; estereoscòpia; Stereoskopija; Stereoskopie; Τρισδιάστατη φωτογραφία; Стэрэаскоп; سټیریوسکوپي; 3D眼鏡; Stereoskopbillede; stereoscopie; 3次元映像; stereoskopia; Estereoscopia; stereoskopi; stereoskopie; סטריאוסקופיה; stereoskopiija; 立體3D; Stereoskopio; 三维眼镜; Stereoskopiya; Стереоскоп; Stereofotografie; stereoskopia; முப்பரிமாண படிமம்; stereoscopia; stereofotograafia; stéréoscopie; स्टीरियोस्कोपी; Стэрэаскоп; 스테레오스코피; Estereoscopia; Stereoskopi; ภาพสามมิติ; Стереоскопия; Stereoskopi; estereoscopia; estereoscopía; Grianghrafadóireacht steiréascópach; stereoskopie; Stereoskopija; Stereoskopija; Стереоизображение; estereoscopia; Stereoskopio; Stereoskopi; stereoskopia; stereoskopi; stereoscopie; Стереозображення; Stereofoto; برجسته‌بینی; stereoskopia; stereoscopy; تصوير ثلاثي الأبعاد; 立体3D; Stereoskopii; tecnica atta a trasmettere una illusione di tridimensionalità; 観察者から立体的に見える映像; techniques mises en œuvre pour reproduire une perception du relief à partir de deux images planes; ภาพที่มองดูมีมิติตื่นลึก; שיטת צילום וצפייה בתמונות; teknik och användning av bilder avsedda att betraktas i stereo; Wiedergabe von Bildern mit einem räumlichen Eindruck von Tiefe, der physikalisch nicht vorhanden ist; técnica para criar ou aumentar a ilusão de profundidade em uma imagem; technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image; técnica para criar ou aumentar a ilusão de profundidade em uma imagem; técnica capaz de recoger información visual tridimensional y/o crear la ilusión de profundidad mediante una imagen estereográfica, un estereograma, o una imagen 3D; tekniikka, jolla kuvaan liitetään syvyyselementti; estereoscopia; fotografía estereoscópica; 立体動画; 3D映像; 3D立体視; 3次元動画; 立体映像; 3D動画; 三次元映像; STEREOSCOPIC photography; stereoscopy; برجسته بینی; برجستهٔ بینی; سه دورنگاری; سه دور نگاری; سهٔ دورنگاری; سهٔ دور نگاری; סטריאוסקופ; משקפי תלת מימד; צילום סטריאוסקופי; סטריוסקופי; סטראוסקופ; צילום סטראוסקופי; stereobetraktning; 3D; stereofotografia; stereografia; Stereoskopo; Stereoskopisches Halbbild; Stereographie; KMQ; Stereo-Fotografie; Sirds; S3D; Stereokarte; Dreidimensionale Fotografie; Stereoskop; Stereogramm; Autostereogramm; 3D-Foto; Stereofoto; Stereografie; Stereofotografie; Stereobild; 3D-Fotografie; gráficos computacionais 3d; imagem tridimensional; imagem em 3D; imagens 3D; 3d; imagem em três dimensões; 3-d; imagem 3D; stereoscopics; 3D imaging; 3D glasses; التصوير ثلاثي الأبعاد; 3دي; 立體眼鏡; 立體觀鏡; 立体3D; stereoskopisk; steroskopi</nowiki>
technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image
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English: Stereoscopy (also called stereoscopics or 3-D imaging) refers to a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth in an image by presenting two offset images separately to the left and right eye of the viewer. These two-dimensional images are then combined in the brain to give the perception of 3-D depth. Besides the technique of freeviewing, which must be learned by the viewer, three strategies have been used to mechanically present different images to each eye: have the viewer wear eyeglasses to combine separate images from two offset sources, have the viewer wear eyeglasses to filter offset images from a single source separated to each eye, or have the lightsource split the images directionally into the viewer's eyes (no glasses required; known as Autostereoscopy).


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