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Deutsch: Schwadwender, Schwadlüfter
English: Swath/swathe turner, swath/windrow inverter, "hay kicker"
English: A swath turner is an agricultural machine for turning/inverting and thereby aerating a windrow (swath) of cut crop, usually cut grass/hay (but also straw or the like). Generally, they can be classified as special types of hay tedders/turners.
  • Early models are ground-driven, and were often animal-drawn. These machines turn a windrow simply by throwing/"kicking" the material into the air. A windrow thereby stays in one and the same position on a field.
  • Modern ones are usually driven by a tractor's PTO, and often use a pick-up conveyor assembly with a turning device (see also side delivery belt rakes, and windrow mergers). While turning a windrow, these machines commonly move the material from one side to the other, so that the windrow position on a field is slightly shifted afterwards.