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A complete tractate of the Mishnah or Tosefta, or a complete chapter of the Jerusalem Talmud or the Babylonian Talmud, is contained in each file within this category. The texts are fully vocalized, punctuated and formatted (through division into lines) by Rabbi Dan Be'eri. These texts are being used in vocalized and formatted editions of the Mishnah, Tosefta, Jerusalem Talmud and Babylonian Talmud at Hebrew Wikisource.

Important technical note: The original files were prepared by Rabbi Be'eri as editable <.doc> files. The intention was to upload them here as "hybrid" PDFs (which can be opened as fully editable texts in LibreOffice). Unfortunately, because of a Mediawiki bug request that has not yet been solved, only basic PDFs can currently be uploaded. In the meantime, the original editable <.doc> files are being uploaded instead at the "Daat" website and at other locations:

The files currently uploaded in this category are therefore not the full collection, nor are they necessarily the updated or corrected versions.

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