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Sassoon 1053 is an important Tiberian masoretic manuscript containing the entire Hebrew Bible (Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim). The manuscript is often referred to as "S1" or "ש1" or "שׂ" in scholarly works. It serves as an important resource for the reconstruction of vowels, accents and letters in missing parts of the Aleppo Codex. It's masoretic apparatus is also of importance, not only for confirming the spelling of numerous words, but also because its notes in some places are described as having been copied from the Aleppo Codex.

The 24 PDF files in this category are meant to make the available images of this manuscript more convenient for actual use than are the hundreds of individual JPGs available from the National Library of Israel.[1] The images themselves were scanned from a microfilm of the manuscript, and their quality is mediocre but usable. These images are consulted and referred to within the documentation for an experimental edition of the masoretic Bible at Hebrew Wikisource.

The following are the contents of the manuscript, divided into 24 books as in the manuscript itself (numbers are from the page numbers in the online NLI scan, and reflect the fact that some pages have duplicates):

  1. Genesis: 003-035 (001-002=beginning of microfilm)
  2. Exodus: 035-078
  3. Leviticus: 077-100
  4. Numbers: 100-129
  5. Deuteronomy: 128-156
  6. Joshua: 156-172
  7. Judges: 172-188
  8. Samuel: 188-224
  9. Kings: 224-259
  10. Isaiah: 260-283
  11. Jeremiah: 283-315
  12. Ezekiel: 315-341
  13. Twelve Prophets: 341-363
  14. Chronicles: 364-403
  15. Psalms: 403-441
  16. Job: 441-452
  17. Proverbs: 452-460
  18. Ruth: 460-462
  19. Song of Songs: 462-463 (final page missing)
  20. Ecclesiastes: 464-467 (initial page missing)
  21. Lamentations: 467-469
  22. Esther: 469-476
  23. Daniel: 475-486
  24. Ezra: 485-512 (513=end of microfilm)


  1. Also found at Internet Archive in this zip file.

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