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English: A Tantō is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords (nihonto) that were worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan. The tantō dates to the Heian period, when it was mainly used as a weapon but evolved in design over the years to become more ornate. Tantō were used in traditional martial arts (tantojutsu) and saw a resurgence of use in the West in the 1980s as the design made its way to America and is a common blade pattern found in modern tactical knives.
日本語: 短刀(たんとう)とは、長さ一 (約30.3cm)以下のの総称。
Tantō (es); tantó (hu); Tantō (eu); tantō (ca); Tantō (de); Танто (be); تانتو (fa); 短刀 (zh); Tanto (da); Tanto (tr); 短刀 (zh-hk); Tanto (sv); Танто (uk); 短刀 (zh-hant); 단도 (ko); Танто (kk); Tantō (en-ca); tantó (cs); Tanto (it); tantō (fr); Tantō (hr); Tantō (fi); Tantas (lt); Tanto (pt); Tantō (et); Танто (be-tarask); 短刀 (ja); Танто (sr); Tanto (sl); Танто (ru); Tantō (pt-br); Tanto (az); Tantō (id); tanto (nn); tantō (nb); Tanto (nl); Toán-to (nan); Tantō (pl); Tantō (vi); Tantō (en-gb); tantō (en); تانتو (ar); 短刀 (zh-hans); Տանտո (hy) Japon bıçağı (tr); 長さ一尺以下の刀の総称 (ja); enyhén ívelt japán kés (hu); японский кинжал (ru); japanisches Kampfmesser (de); Espada curta japonesa (pt); Japanese dagger (en); خنجر ياباني (ar); japonská dýka (cs); Coltello giapponese (it) Hamidaschi, Tantō, Hamidashi (it); どす, たんとう (ja); tanto (fr); Tantō (tr); Aikuchi, Hamidashi (pl); tanto (nb); Tanto (es); Tanto (ca); Tantou, Tanto (fi); Tantomesser, Tanto (de); 단토, 탄토 (ko); tanto (en); Tantō (sl); tanto (cs); Tanto (lt)
Japanese dagger
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