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English: Tenochtitlan was a Nahua altepetl (city-state) located on an island in Lake Texcoco, in the Valley of Mexico. Founded in 1325, it became the seat of a growing empire in the 15th century, until being defeated in 1521. It subsequently became a cabecera of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, and today the ruins of Tenochtitlan are located in Mexico City, Mexico.
<nowiki>México-Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Теночтитлан; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Теночтітлан; 特諾奇提特蘭; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenoĉtitlano; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; তেনোচতিৎলান; Mexico-Tenochtitlan; Теночтитлан; Tenōchtitlān; Tenočtitlāna; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; تينوتشتيتلان; Tenochtitlan; 鐵諾支蒂特蘭; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Теночтитлан; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Тэначтытлан; تنوشتیتلان; 特諾奇提特蘭; Tenochtitlán; ტენოჩტიტლანი; テノチティトラン; Τενοτστιτλάν; Tenochtitlan; Tinochtitlan; 테노치티틀란; טנוצ'טיטלאן; Temistitlana; Tenochtitlán; เตนอชตีตลัน; 特诺奇提特兰; Tenochtitlán; Теночтитлан; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Тэначтытлан; Теночтитлан; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlán; Tenočtitlanas; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Mēxihco Tenōchtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; Tenochtitlan; ടെനോച്ടിട്ലൻ; Tenochtitlán; Տենոչտիտլան; Tenochtitlán; Теночтитлан; Теночтитлан; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; antica capitale dell'impero azteco; アステカ帝国の首都; ancienne capitale de l'Empire aztèque; capital o altépetl de los mexica; historisk stad i Mexiko; stolica państwa Azteków; Thành bang ở Thung lũng Mexico thời kỳ tiền Colombus; de naam van huidig Mexico-Stad ten tijde van de Azteken; столица Ацтекской империи; Meksika Vadisi'nde bulunan eski bir şehir; ehemalige Hauptstadt des Reiches der Azteken; antiga cidade-estado no Vale do México; former city-state in the Valley of Mexico; asteekkivaltakunnan pääkaupunki; πόλη στην λίμνη Τεξκόκο του Μεξικού; 아즈텍 제국의 수도; México Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan; Tenōchtitlan; Temixtitlán; Temixtitán; Tenochtitlán; Tenochtitlan [México]</nowiki>
former city-state in the Valley of Mexico
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Instance of
Part of
  • Aztec Empire
Basic form of government
Head of state
  • Acamapichtli (1376–1395)
  • Huitzilihuitl (1396–1417)
  • Chimalpopoca (1417–1427)
  • Itzcoatl (1427–1440)
  • Moctezuma I (1440–1469)
  • Axayacatl (1469–1481)
  • Tizoc (1481–1486)
  • Tepexpan (1486–1502)
  • Moctezuma II (1502–1520)
  • Cuitláhuac (1520–1520)
  • Cuauhtémoc (1521–1521)
Founded by
  • Mexica
  • c. 13 March 1325
Dissolved, abolished or demolished date
  • 13 August 1521
Significant event
  • 212,500 (estimate, 15th century)
  • 150,000 (estimate, 1521)
  • 70,000 (estimate, 1521)
  • 13 km² (15th century)
Replaced by
Map19° 26′ 06″ N, 99° 07′ 53″ W
Authority file
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VIAF ID: 242273504
GND ID: 4401405-3
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