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The tesseract or 8-cell or 4-hypercube, a convex regular 4-polytope,
also the 4-4 duoprism

The 4-4 duoprism is the product of a 4-gon and a 4-gon. If there is a Wikipedia article about it, it is 4-4 duoprism.
Its dual is the 4-4 duopyramid (category).

Subcategories for different projections:
four-dimensional analog of the cube
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Instance of polychoron
Subclass of convex regular polychoron,
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teseracto (es); tesseract (ca); Teseract (cy); تسرکت (fa); 四維超正方體 (zh); tesseract (ro); 正八胞体 (ja); Tesserakt (sv); tesseract (oc); Hypercubus (la); Tesserakti (fi); 4-hiperkubo (eo); teserakt (cs); tesseratto (it); tesseract (fr); Teserakt (hr); tesserato (pt); Teseraktas (lt); Teserakt (sl); тесеракт (mk); vxzz (tr); Тесеракт (bg); Tesserakt (de); teserakt (pl); tesserakt (nb); tesseract (nl); טסרקט (he); тессеракт (ru); 정팔포체 (ko); تێسێرەکت (ckb); tesseract (en); تسراكت (ar); Τεσσεράκτιο (el); Тесеракт (uk) tipo di ipercubo (it); analogue quadridimensionnel du cube (fr); четырёхмерный гиперкуб (ru); Verallgemeinerung des klassischen Würfels auf vier Dimensionen (de); четиридимензионална хиперкоцка (mk); four-dimensional analog of the cube (en); το τετραδιάστατο ανάλογο του τρισδιάστατου κύβου (el); čtyřrozměrná analogie krychle (cs); figura geométrica de 4 dimensiones, análoga al cubo (es) tetracubo, 4-cubo, 8-cell, octacoron, octaedroide, prisma cúbico, prisma cubico (es); 4-κύβος (el); 8-Zeller, Tessarakt, 4-dimensionaler Hyperwürfel (de); 8-cell, cubic prism, 4-cube, octachoron, octahedroid, tetracube (en)


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