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English: Kong Zhengan was the 63th-generation Duke Yansheng (since 25 Jiajing (1546 AD)).

The spirit way includes (S to N):

  • Three pairs of animals (felines, rams, horses)
  • An arch
  • A tablet without a bixi turtle
  • A warrior (west) and civil official (right)
  • A tablet with a sacrificial table in front of the grave tumulus. The tablet is described as item 248 of the Ming chapter in: 石头上的儒家文献-曲阜的碑文录 (Confucian writing in stone: a catalog of inscriptions on Qufu's steles), volume 1, 齐鲁书社 (Jinlu Shushe), 2001, ISBN 7-5333-0781-X, page 571. According to the book, it's erected in 40 Jiajing (1561 AD)
中文(简体)‎: 孔贞幹墓

(Source: 孔贞幹墓)

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