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English: In railway signalling, a treadle is a mechanical or electrical device that detects that a train axle has passed a particular location. They are used where a track circuit requires re-inforcing with additional information about a train's location, such as around an automatic level crossing, or in an annunciator circuit, that sounds a warning a train has passed an exact point. The important difference between a treadle and a track circuit is that while a track circuit detects a train over a distance as long as several kilometres, a treadle provides pin-point detection.
日本語: トレッドルは、 鉄道信号保安装置の一種で、列車車軸がある地点を通過したことを検知する機械的・電気的な装置である。軌道回路がある一定の区間(数キロメートルに及ぶ場合もある)に列車がいるかどうかを検知するのに対して、トレッドルはピンポイントで列車位置検出を行う。


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