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Shoulder Sleeve Insignia[edit]


  1. A shield-shaped device with a horizontal white scroll attached above the shield, all edged with a ⅛ inch (.32 cm) maroon border, the overall diameter 3⅞ inches (9.84 cm) in height and 2⅞ inches (7.30 cm) in width.
  2. On the maroon shield, a white diagonal band extending from the viewer’s upper left to lower right surmounted by the head and upper body of a ram affronté, yellow detailed maroon, the horns of the ram extending above the diagonal band in the viewer’s upper right and below the diagonal band in the viewer’s lower left.
  3. On the horizontal scroll, the inscription “FORDHAM” in maroon letters 5/16 inches (.79 cm) in height.


  1. Maroon and white are the University’s colors.
  2. The ram is the school’s mascot.


  1. The shoulder sleeve insignia was originally authorized 1981-04-09.
  2. It was amended 1993-01-05 to add subdued colors and metric measurements to the description of the design.
  3. (TIOH Drawing Number A-10S-73)

Distinctive Unit Insignia and Device[edit]


  • A gold color metal and enamel device 1⅛ inches (2.86 cm) in height consisting of a maroon enamel maple leaf charged with a ram’s head and neck affronté erased below the insignia for Fordham University all in gold color metal, the leaf with a white enamel three segmented scroll with a gold color metal reverse side of the scroll passing behind the leaf at the top, the scroll inscribed “SAPIENTIA" on the dexter segment, “ET” on the center segment and “DOCTRINA” on the sinister segment in gold color metal letters.


  1. The shoulder loop insignia was authorized 1970-01-21.



  • Size:
  1. Hoist: Three Feet.
  2. Fly: Four Feet.
  3. The flag is yellow with a black fringe. In the upper hoist is the monogram “ARMY ROTC” in black on a yellow disc edged in black, 6½ inches in diameter.
  4. The Mascot of Fordham University, 16 inches in height or diameter, is centered on the flag.

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