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English: The Umayyads — an Islamic empire of the 7th and 8th centuries during the Islamic Golden Age of the Caliphates.
  • Territory spread across the Near East and Middle East, Iranian Plateau and Central Asia, West and North Africa, and southwestern Europe.
  • It is the seventh largest contiguous empire ever to exist. The reigning capital was Damascus (of present day Syria).
  • The capital of Al-Andalus, the Iberian Peninsula territory, was in Córdoba (of present day Spain).
Español: Los Omeyas (en lengua árabe, بنو أمية banū umayya o الأمويون al-umawiyyūn; en persa, امویان omaviyân; en turco, Emevi) fueron un linaje árabe que ejerció el poder califal primero en Oriente.
  • Con capital en Damasco, y luego en Al-Andalus, con capital en Córdoba.
Nederlands: De nl:Omajjaden vormden een dynastie die in de 7e-8e eeuw regeerden vanuit Damascus, Syrie.
Banū Umayya (en); Бану Умаййа (ru); Umayyader (da) Ummayaderne, Ummayyade, Ummayyader, Omajjader, Omayyader (da)
Banū Umayya 
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