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United States Naval Academy Induction Day 
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United States Naval Academy Induction Day is the day on which successful candidates take the Oath of Office, or Midshipman Oath. They may already have received the starter kit of clothing and equipment, have had their heads shaved, and have received initial instruction in Military courtesy. The next several weeks, called Plebe Summer, are dedicated to making the transition between civilian life and military discipline, parallel to the Basic Training of the Army and the Boot Camp of the Navy.

Thousands of years of warfare have taught us that a victorious military must live a life of discipline, to which the social system of the nation hosting the military is largely irrelevant. Any citizen joining the military enters a different society, obeying a different set of laws and practicing a different value system. The political scientists refer to it as a system of Military justice. Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution gives Congress the power "to make rules for government and regulation of the land and naval forces." The Constitution thus provides for the creation of two governments. One is a Representative democracy guaranteeing Civil and political rights The other is a military Autocracy commanded by the President through the Secretary of the Navy. Its law code is the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If the system is functioning as intended, the autocracy serves and exists entirely for the benefit of the democracy; otherwise, there are questions as to whose military it is. Sad to say, it is not true that the issue never has arisen with regard to the United States.


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