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English: Flavius Placidius Valentinianus (July 2, 419March 16, 455), known in English as Valentinian III, was among the last Western Roman Emperors (425455). Born in western capital of Ravenna, Valentinian was the only son of later Emperor Constantius III and Galla Placidia, daughter of the Emperor Theodosius I and granddaughter of Emperor Valentinian I. After the death of his father (421), he followed his mother and his sister (Justa Grata Honoria) to Constantinople, when Galla broke with her brother, Emperor Honorius, and went to live at the court of Theodosius II.

Valentinian III 
Emperor of the Western Roman Empire
Solidus ValentinianIII-wedding.jpg
Solidus encunyat a Tessalònica per commemorar el casament de Valentinià III amb Licínia Eudòcia.
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Name in native languageFlavius Placidius Valentinianus
Date of birth2 July 419
Ravenna (Roman Italy, Western Roman Empire)
Date of death16 March 455
Rome (Western Roman Empire)
Manner of death
  • homicide
Country of citizenship
Position held
Noble title
  • Placidia
  • Princess Eudocia
Authority control
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Valentiniano III (es); Valentinianus 3. (is); Valentinian III (en-gb); Валентиниан III (bg); Valentinian al III-lea (ro); 瓦倫丁尼安三世 (zh-hk); Valentinianus III. (sk); Валентиніан III (uk); 瓦倫丁尼安三世 (zh-hant); 瓦伦丁尼安三世 (zh-cn); 발렌티니아누스 3세 (ko); Valentiniano la 3-a (eo); Valentinianus III. (cs); Valentinián III (an); Valentinien III (fr); Valentinijan III. (hr); व्हॅलेंटिनियन तिसरा (mr); Valentinianus III (vi); Валентинијан III (sr); Valentiniano III (pt-br); 瓦伦丁尼安三世 (zh-sg); III Валентиниан (mn); Valentinianus 3-sè (nan); Valentinian III (nb); Valentinian III (en); فالنتينيان الثالث (ar); III. Valentinianus római császár (hu); Valentiniano III.a (eu); Valentinian III (diq); Valentinian III. (de-ch); Valentinian III. (de); Валентыніян III (be); Վալենտինիանոս III (hy); 瓦伦丁尼安三世 (zh); Falentinianus III (fy); ვალენტინიანე III (ka); ウァレンティニアヌス3世 (ja); ולנטיניאנוס השלישי (he); Valentinianus III (la); 瓦伦丁尼安三世 (wuu); Valentinianus III (fi); Valentinian III (en-ca); Valentiniano III (it); Valentinianus III (et); Valentinianus III (nl); 瓦伦丁尼安三世 (zh-hans); Valentinian 3k (yo); 瓦倫丁尼安三世 (zh-tw); Valentinijan III (sr-el); Valentiniano III (pt); Valentinian III (sw); والنتینیان سوم (fa); Valentinianas III (lt); Валентинијан III (mk); Valentinian III (tl); Valentinian III (oc); Valentinià III (ca); Valentinian III (cy); Walentynian III (pl); III. Valentinianus (tr); Valentinijan III. (sh); Валентинијан III (sr-ec); Valentinian 3. (da); Valentinianus III (sv); Валентиниан III (ru); Valentiniano III (gl); Valentinian III (sco); Ουαλεντινιανός Γ΄ (el); اۆچونجو والنتینیان (azb) imperatore romano (it); Nyugatrómai Birodalom császára (hu); Italiaans monarch (419-455) (nl); император Западной Римской империи (ru); Kaiser des weströmischen Reiches (de); Länsi-Rooman keisari (fi); Emperor of the Western Roman Empire (en); 西羅馬帝國的皇帝 (zh); αυτοκράτορας της Δυτικής Ρωμαϊκής Αυτοκρατορίας (el); empereur romain d'Occident (fr) Flavius Placidius Valentinianus (es); Flavius Placidius Valentinianus (et); Valentiniano III (eu); Valentinian III (yo); Flavius Placidius Valentinianus (cy); Valentinian III (vi); 瓦倫提尼安三世, 瓦伦蒂尼安三世, 瓦伦提尼安三世, 瓦倫丁尼安三世 (zh); Valentinianus III (fy); Valentinian III (ro); ワレンティニアヌス3世, ヴァレンティニアヌス3世 (ja); Valentinijan III, Valentijan III (sh); Valentianus III van Rome (nl); Valentinianus 03 (sv); Valentinian III (pl); ולנטינינוס השלישי, פלביוס פלקידוס ולנטיניאנוס, ואלנטיניאנוס השלישי (he); Flavius Placidus Valentinianus (la); Valentinijan III (hr); Флавий Плацид Валентиниан (bg); व्हॅलेन्टिनियन तिसरा, रोमन सम्राट, फ्लाव्हियस प्लॅसिडियस व्हेलेन्टिनियानस (mr); Valentinian III (fi); Flavius Placidus Valentinianus, Flavius Placidius Valentinianus, Valentinianus III (en); Valentinianus la tria (eo); Valentinian III., Valentian III., Valentianus III. (cs); Valentinian III (da)


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