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Vanitas: A category of paintings (often, but not always still-lifes) alluding to the futility of life and the transience of earthly joys and possessions. The main vanitas symbol is the skull (standing for death), which is usually combined with other objects symbolizing the certainty of the end of all human existence on earth, such as a burnt-out candle, an empty/toppled cup, or rotten fruit, as well as symbols of wealth (money, regal adornments, jewelry) and sometimes, symbols of the arts and humanities (books, musical instruments), which outlast human life.[1]

<nowiki>vanitas; vanitas; Vanitas; ванитас; Vanitas; 虚空派; Vanitas; vanitas; ヴァニタス; Vanitas; ванітас; Vanitas; Vanitas; Ванитас; Vanitas; pomíjivost; vanitas; vanité; Vanitas; vanitas; Vanitas; vanitas; Vanitas; Vanitas; vanitas; Ванитас; Nečimrnost (umetnost); 바니타스화; Vanitas; vanitas; Vanitas; vanitas; vanitas; vanitas; Vanitas; vanitas; Vanitas; Vanitas; Vanitas; Vanitas; vanitas; ואניטאס; tipo de obra de arte simbólica; 静物画のジャンル; genre artistique; ett motiv i konst och litteratur; motyw artystyczny; motiv i bildekunst og litteratur som setter søkelys på livets forgjengelighet; thema in de kunst; жанр живописи, аллегорический натюрморт; סוגה אמנותית; Gattungsbegriff in der Kunst; taideaihe; type of symbolic work of art; arta ĝenro; pojem; gènere pictòric; Vanitas; vanités; vanità; vanitas still life; vanitas still-life; vanitas picture; vaneco-pentraĵo; Vanitas; Vanitas-Stillleben; Vanitasstillleben; Vanitas-Stilleben; Vanitasstilleben</nowiki>
type of symbolic work of art
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