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Vauxhall Big Six see also Vauxhall Light Six or 14

First real General Motors design large Vauxhall it replaced the aging Eighty and Vauxhall Cadet VX 26hp

Announced for the 1933 Motor Show and available from August 1934 in two engine sizes, BY 20hp BX 27HP (111 inch wheelbase) and BXL 27hp (130 inch wheelbase). From October 1935 distinguished from previous model by five much finer strakes along the side of the engine compartment instead of three thick strakes

20hp (the 27hp engine may be supplied at no extra charge) 1934-1936

BX six-cylinder 2,392 c.c.
bore and stroke of 73 mm. by 95.25 mm. 19.8 h.p.
Brake horsepower yielded 52.5 at 3,300 r.p.m.
  • saloon with sliding roof, Wingham convertible cabriolet (by Martin Walter), Romney 2-str drophead coupé with dickey seat (by Martin Walter), Denton 4-str close-coupled drophead coupé (by Martin Walter), Tickford foursome coupé (by Salmons)

27hp 1934-1936

BYL six-cylinder 3,178 c.c.
bore and stroke of 84.14mm. by 95.25mm. 26.34 h.p.
Brake horsepower yielded 64 at ,000 r.p.m.
  • Grosvenor 7 passenger Limousine on the 27hp Big Six Long Chassis (by Grosvenor Carriage Co)

25hp announced September 1936 replaced the 20hp and 27hp for 1937

six-cylinder 3,215 c.c.
bore and stroke of 81.94mm. by 101.6mm. 24.97 h.p.
Brake horsepower yielded 80 at 3,600 r.p.m.
  • rounded grille, projected boot and 'independent springing', "an entirely new genuinely all-steel turret top body following the modern trend towards increased streamlining, wide-angle V type sloping windscreen"
  • GY 110.5 inch wheelbase —saloon, Grosvenor close-coupled saloon, Tickford drop head coupé, Wingham cabriolet
—(Australia) chassis, sedan, coupé or coupé convertible
  • GL 130 inch wheelbase —Grosvenor 7-seater saloon or limousine, Continental touring saloon, Wingham cabriolet
—(Australia) chassis or sedan

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