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(cs) Vektorové pole · (de) Vektorfeld · (eo) Vektora kampo · (es) Campo vectorial · (et) Vektorväli · (fr) Champ de vecteurs · (he) שדה וקטורי · (hr) Vektorsko polje · (it) Campo vettoriale · (ja) ベクトル場 · (ko) 벡터장 · (lt) Vektorinis laukas · (nl) Vectorveld · (nn) Vektorfelt · (pl) Pole wektorowe · (pt) Campo vetorial · (ro) Câmp vectorial · (ru) Векторное поле · (sk) Vektorové pole · (sv) Vektorfält · (uk) Векторне поле · (vi) Trường vector · (zh) 向量場 · +/−

In mathematics a vector field is a construction in vector calculus which associates a vector to every point in a (locally) Euclidean space.


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