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Venus of Urbino
Titian: Venus of Urbino  wikidata:Q727875 reasonator:Q727875
Titian  (1490–1576) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q47551 s:it:Autore:Tiziano q:en:Titian
Alternative names
Tiziano Vecelli; Tiziano Vecellio
Description Italian painter, drawer, architectural draftsperson and printmaker
Date of birth/death between 1485 and 1490
date QS:P,+1450-00-00T00:00:00Z/7,P1319,+1485-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P1326,+1490-00-00T00:00:00Z/9
27 August 1576 Edit this at Wikidata
Location of birth/death Pieve di Cadore Venice
Work location
Venice (1498), Ferrara, Mantua, Padua (1511), Milan (1540), Rome (1545–1546), Florence (1546), Augsburg (1548, 1550–1551), Constantinople (today Istanbul) (1555-1557)
Authority file
creator QS:P170,Q47551
 Edit this at Wikidata
image of artwork listed in title parameter on this page
Venus of Urbino Edit this at Wikidata
title QS:P1476,en:"Venus of Urbino Edit this at Wikidata"
label QS:Len,"Venus of Urbino Edit this at Wikidata"
label QS:Les,"Venus de Urbino"
label QS:Lhu,"Urbinói Vénusz"
label QS:Leu,"Urbinoko Venus"
label QS:Lru,"картина Венера Урбинская"
label QS:Lcy,"Gwener Urbino"
label QS:Lbe,"Венера Урбінская"
label QS:Lfa,"ونوس اوربینو"
label QS:Lbg,"Венера Урбинска"
label QS:Lda,"Venus fra Urbino"
label QS:Ltr,"Urbino Venüsü"
label QS:Lja,"ウルビーノのヴィーナス"
label QS:Larz,"فينوس اوربينو"
label QS:Lhe,"ונוס מאורבינו"
label QS:Lla,"Venus Urbinas"
label QS:Lzh-hant,"烏爾比諾的維納斯"
label QS:Lfi,"Urbinon Venus"
label QS:Leo,"Venuso de Urbino"
label QS:Lit,"Venere di Urbino"
label QS:Lfr,"Vénus d'Urbin"
label QS:Let,"Urbino Venus"
label QS:Lsk,"Urbinská Venuša"
label QS:Lbr,"Gwener Urbino"
label QS:Lhy,"Ուրբինյան Վեներա"
label QS:Lpt,"Vênus de Urbino"
label QS:Lmt,"Venere ta' Urbino"
label QS:Len-gb,"Venus of Urbino"
label QS:Lcv,"Урбино Венери"
label QS:Llt,"Urbino Venera"
label QS:Lsl,"Urbinska Venera"
label QS:Lca,"Venus d'Urbino"
label QS:Lel,"Αφροδίτη του Ουρμπίνο"
label QS:Lnl,"Venus van Urbino"
label QS:Lth,"วีนัสแห่งเออร์บิโน"
label QS:Lpl,"Wenus z Urbino"
label QS:Luk,"Венера Урбінська"
label QS:Laz,"Urbinolu Venera"
label QS:Lsv,"Venus från Urbino"
label QS:Lzh,"乌尔比诺的维纳斯"
label QS:Lzh-hk,"烏爾比諾的維納斯"
label QS:Lde,"Venus von Urbino"
label QS:Lgl,"Venus de Urbino"
label QS:Lar,"فينوس أوربينو"
label QS:Lzh-hans,"乌尔比诺的维纳斯"
label QS:Lcs,"Urbinská Venuše"
Object type painting Edit this at Wikidata
Genre nude Edit this at Wikidata
Depicted people
Date 1538 Edit this at Wikidata
Medium oil on canvas Edit this at Wikidata
Dimensions height: 119.2 cm (46.9 in) Edit this at Wikidata; width: 165.5 cm (65.1 in) Edit this at Wikidata
dimensions QS:P2048,+119.2U174728
dimensions QS:P2049,+165.5U174728
institution QS:P195,Q51252
Accession number
00131831 (Uffizi Gallery) Edit this at Wikidata
Place of creation Venice Edit this at Wikidata
Object history
  • March 1538: unknown event: order Edit this at Wikidata
Authority file
<nowiki>Venus de Urbino; Urbinói Vénusz; Urbinoko Venus; картина Венера Урбинская; Gwener Urbino; Венера Урбінская; ونوس اوربینو; Венера Урбинска; Venus fra Urbino; Urbino Venüsü; ウルビーノのヴィーナス; فينوس اوربينو; ונוס מאורבינו; Venus Urbinas; 烏爾比諾的維納斯; Urbinon Venus; Venuso de Urbino; Urbinská Venuše; Venere di Urbino; Vénus d'Urbin; Urbino Venus; Venus de Urbino; 乌尔比诺的维纳斯; Ուրբինյան Վեներա; Vênus de Urbino; Venere ta' Urbino; Venus von Urbino; 烏爾比諾的維納斯; Urbino Venera; Urbinska Venera; 乌尔比诺的维纳斯; Venus från Urbino; Urbinolu Venera; วีนัสแห่งเออร์บิโน; Wenus z Urbino; Венера Урбінська; Venus van Urbino; Αφροδίτη του Ουρμπίνο; Venus d'Urbino; Урбино Венери; Venus of Urbino; Venus of Urbino; فينوس أوربينو; Gwener Urbino; Urbinská Venuša; cuadro de Tiziano; Tiziano Vecellio festménye; painting by Titian; pintura de Ticianu; «Венера Урбинская» — одно из известнейших произведений итальянского художника Тициана.; πίνακας του Τιτσιάνο; paentiad gan Tiziano Vecellio; pintura de Ticiano; pittura ta' Tizjanu; نقاشی از تیسین; Gemälde von Tizian; maleri af Tizian; pictură de Tiziano Vecellio; painting by Titian; peinture du Titien; dipinto a olio su tela di Tiziano; målning av Tizian; obraz Tycjana; maleri av Tizian; werk van Titiaan; quadre de Ticià; pikturo da Tiziano; pintura de Tician; måleri av Tizian; Cadro de Tiziano; pentraĵo de Ticiano; obraz malíře Tiziana; pintura di Titian; La Venus de Urbino; Venus del perrito; Venere di Urbino; Vénus d'Urbino; La Vénus d'Urbin; Venus d'Urbin; Venus of Urbino; Venus Urviniensis; Венера Урбинская; Венера Урбинская Тициана; картина Тициана Венера Урбинская; Vénus de Urbino; A Vénus de Urbino; Vénus d'Urbin; Venus do cadeliño; Venere di Urbino; Venus of Urbino; Venere d'Urbino</nowiki>
Venus of Urbino 
painting by Titian
Venus de Urbino, por Tiziano.jpg
Upload media
Instance of
nudity, woman, half reclining, bed, bed sheet, mattress, cushion, dog, waist-length hair, Angela del Moro, titian hair, earring, bracelet, ring, bouquet, domestic worker, cassone, standing, kneeling, tapestry, wall, window, column, tree, sky, twilight, navel, Venus, Aphrodite, breast and …
Made from material
LocationUffizi Gallery, borough 1, Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Commissioned by
Location of creation
Inventory number
  • 1538
Significant event
  • 165.5 cm
  • 119.2 cm
Authority file
Wikidata Q727875
VIAF ID: 186016342
GND ID: 4467404-1
Library of Congress authority ID: n98093044
Bibliothèque nationale de France ID: 13180791g
IdRef ID: 035309180
BabelNet ID: 01963077n
National Library of Israel J9U ID: 987007345298005171
Google Arts & Culture asset ID: bQGS8pnP5vr2Jg
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