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In video games, a boss is a particularly large or challenging computer-controlled character who must be defeated at the end of a segment of a game, whether he/she/it be for a level, an episode, or the very end of the game itself (final boss). Bosses appear in many video games, particularly story or level-based first and third-person shooters, racing games, fighting games, platform games, survival horrors, role-playing video games, and most shoot 'em ups. Most games feature multiple bosses, each often more difficult than the last.

<nowiki>jefe; 大佬; Endakarl; enemic final; bòs; Бос; 頭目; Boss; უფროსი; 頭目; boss; бос; 頭目; 头目; 头目 (角色类型); 보스; Estro; boss; Boss; boss; Lõpukoll; 頭目; Bossgegner; בוס במשחק; Bos; chefe; loppuvastus; غول آخر; босс; Bos; boss; Bos; eindbaas; 头目; raja; boss; mamazangiljan; Boss (videooyun); boss; Bosas; ボスキャラクター; Boss (video oyunu); boss; رئيس; 头目; boss (jocuri video); personaje antagonista de videojuego; ennemi plus imposant et puissant que les autres dans un jeu vidéo; avversario particolarmente difficile da sconfiggere; fiendebaserad utmaning i dator- och TV-spel; unikatowy i szczególnie wymagający przeciwnik w grach komputerowych; אויב חזק ומשמעותי במשחק וידאו; viktig og ofte sterk fiende i videospill; главный противник игр; Computerspielgegner am Ende eines Levels oder Spiels; celyn sylweddol o gryf yng ngemau fideo; musuh besar dan kuat yang dibuat secara khusus dalam permainan video; significant and especially strong enemy in video games; رئيس (لعبة فيديو); významný a velmi silný protivník ve videohrách; fjende baseret udfordring i computer-og videospil; Enemigo final; Jefe final; Bicho final; 大嘢; Monstre de fin de niveau; Boss; Endboss; Mini-Boss; Bossfight; Bosskampf; Zwischengegner; Miniboss; Endgegner; Chefão; Chefe de jogo; Chefe de jogos; غول آخر بازی های رایانه ای; غولآخر; غول اخر; 頭目 (ACG); ボス戦; ボスキャラ; 最終ボス; 裏ボス; ボスモンスター; väktare; datorspelsboss; sjef; Boss; 보스 캐릭터; 보스캐릭터; video game boss; boss character; loppari; loppupomo; loppuvastustaja; pomo; bos; boss; Рейд Босс; финальный босс</nowiki>
significant and especially strong enemy in video games
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