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This is a category about ASI monument number N-BR-2.

Vikramaśīla (Vikramashila) University was one of the two most important centers of Buddhist learning in India during the Pala dynasty, along with Nālandā University. Vikramaśīla was established by King Dharmapala (783 to 820) in response to a supposed decline in the quality of scholarship at Nālandā. Atisha, the renowned pandita, is sometimes listed as a notable abbot. Vikramashila (village Antichak, district Bhagalpur, Bihar) is located at about 50 km east of Bhagalpur and about 13 km north-east of Kahalgaon. 25°21′0″N 87°19′48″E / 25.35°N 87.33°E / 25.35; 87.33

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