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English: A votive deposit or votive offering is an objects given in fulfilment of a vow or in gratitude or devotion. It is one or more objects displayed or deposited, without the intention of recovery or use, in a sacred place for broadly religious purposes. Such items are a feature of modern and ancient societies and are generally made in order to gain favor with supernatural forces. Some offerings have apparently been made in anticipation of the achievement of a particular wish, but in Western cultures from which documentary evidence survives it has been more typical to wait until the wish has been fulfilled before making the offering, for which the more specific term ex-voto may be used. Votive offerings have been described in historical Roman era and Greek sources, although similar acts continue into the present day, for example in traditional Catholic culture and, arguably, in the modern day practice of tossing coins into a wishing well or fountain. The modern construction practice called topping out can be considered as an example of a votive practice that has very ancient roots.
<nowiki>ofrenda; fogadalmi tárgy; zinopari; آداق (میفولوژی); Votivgabe; votive offering; ودیعه نذری; 祈願物; votivgave; adak; 奉納; votivgåva; קורבן חליפין; 祭祀奉獻物; 还愿祭品; votiivi; votive offering; оброчен предмет; offerta votiva; offrande votive; Votiiv; Lễ vật; ofrenda votiva; votiewe offer; votas; votivni dar; вотивные предметы; 낙헌제; votiefgave; persembahan nazar; votivgåve; votivgave; adaq; оброчна плочка; ofrena votiva; вотивні предмети; dar wotywny; votive offering; نذر; 还愿的奉献物; воты; objeto desplegado o depositado en un lugar sagrado por motivos rituales; offergift; различные вещи, приносимые в дар божеству по обету, ради исцеления или исполнения какого-либо желания; Gegenstände, die aufgrund eines Gelübdes bzw. Verlöbnisses als symbolische Opfer einer überirdischen Macht öffentlich dargebracht werden; uhrilahja; type of religious offering; верски предмети коишто им се оддаваат на божествата или натприродните сили како дар; 祭祀時獻出而不會復原、取回的物品; 祭祀時獻出而不會復原、取回的物品; votiva; objeto votivo; regalo votivo; ofrenda votiva; objet votif; מנחה; votiefgeschenk; votief; 還願的奉獻物; 还愿的奉献物; Votive; Votivbild; Votivtafel; offerte votive; 獻祭; 還願奉獻物; 还愿的奉献物; 还愿祭品; 祈願奉獻物; 祭祀奉獻物; Ex voto; воты; вотивы; вотивный предмет; 还愿祭品; Ofrenes votives</nowiki>
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