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  • Joe Fisher (Downers Grove, IL) (2011-05-18 last updated). Welte Theatre Pipe Organ [opus 231, original installation was the Liberty Theater in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1926]. FlightTech Intercoms ( Downers Grove, IL: DesignTech Systems, Inc..
    "[after 2000 ~ 2011] The Welte Pipe Organ, is a hybrid, made up of parts from different organs. The core of the organ, the pipes, chest and regulators are from a 1926 Welte Theatre organ. The Welte pipes, Opus 231, consist of a Tibia, Horn Diapason, Flute, Violin, Violin Cel., Muted Violin, Harmonic Trumpet, Clarinet, and Vox Humana. This is one of maybe three Welte Theater organs still playing in the US. / There was no console, blower or switching relay with the collection of pipes, chest and regulators. After searching for about two years, trying to locate a three manual console, a mint, very original two manual Wurlitzer console was located. The Wurlitzer Console was built in 1926 and is Opus 1431, original installed in East Aurora, NY. The console has seen very little use since the original finish still shines, the ivory key tops are perfect and all the original cabling was still in the console when it was bought. The cable inspectors tag is still in the console. ... ",
    "History of the Welte[image 8] According to the Junchen Opus list, the original installation was the Liberty Theater in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1926. The Welte replaced a 2/9 Moller that was installed in 1921. The organ was then moved to the Martin Luther Church (WI Synd Lutheran) in Oshkosh Wisconsin, where it remained for many years. From there, it was owned by Ken Paskey of Markesan, WI and then Richard Broeker also from Wi. Rich sat most of the organ up in the back garage for several years. The organ was then sold to the First United Church of Christ in Green Bay in 1996 for an expansion project. The organ was never used for the project and sold to me in 2000. / The Welte Mignon had a 2 manual Welte Mignon church style console with the unit switching built into it for the Clarabel. The console had Liberty Theater written on it. The pipes operate on 7" wind. It had no evidence of ever having any toys other than originally a Xylophone. It originally had a Kinura instead of the Clarinet (which the Lutheran church changed out). Of interest is a stop tab called “Violon Cello” which was the Tibia and Violin on together. It also had and an “Oboe” tab which was Violin and Flute at 2 2/3 combined. [image 9]"

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