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English: Yan Zi Miao Stele is located inside the "Gates of Returning to Propriety" (Gui Ren Men) of the Temple of Yan Hui (Yan Miao) in Qufu. According to the information board in the temple, it is dated Year 24 of the Dading era (Jin [Jurchen] Dynasty), i.e. AD 1184. Written on it are three big characters, 颜子庙 (Yan Zi Miao, i.e. "Temple of Yanzi").

However, it does not seem to be listed in Luo Chenglie's catalog of Qufu's stelae, at least not under the Dading era.

In the photos, the Yan Zi Miao stele is on the right; on the left next to it is a stele from Year 30 of the Wanli era (1611).
中文(简体)‎: 颜子庙碑

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