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English: The stele posthumously granting Yan Hui the title of the Continuator of the Sage, the Duke of Yanguo (Yanguo Fusheng Gong). The dragon-crowned turtle-based stele is dated Year 2 of Zhishun era (AD 1331). The text is in Chinese and Mongol (Phags-pa script). It is located in front of the Hall of Fusheng (Fusheng Dian), the main sanctuary of the Temple of Yan Hui (Yan Miao), to the left (west) of the hall's main entry.

There is also an AD 1334 inscription on the back of the stele (not seen in these photos).

The stele is 4 m tall, 1.1 wide, 0.39 m thick. It stands on a bixi tortoise which is 0.7 m tall, 1.1 m wide, 2.2 m long. It is described as item no. 69 in the Yuan Dynasty chapter, pp. 278-279, of the book:

  • 骆承烈 (Luo Chenglie), ed. (2001), 石头上的儒家文献-曲阜的碑文录 (Shitou-shang-de Rujia Wenxian - Qufu-de Bei Wen Lu, "Confucian writing in stone: a catalog of inscriptions on Qufu's steles"), vol. 1, 齐鲁书社 (Jinlu Shushe), ISBN 7-5333-0781-X.
中文(简体)‎: 元至顺年(1331年)大元加封兖国复圣公制词碑,在颜庙复圣殿前

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