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Not Ford, MUTT, or Jeep[edit]

I suggest we re-name/move this to "M151 14-ton truck series" and put it in Category:Military trucks of the United States. This would match some other category styles for post-WWII "M" series trucks (COI: I did some). Right now it is buried and you have to look for it.

Ford designed the XM151 but it is an Army standard design and has no Ford parts. AM General/Kaiser-Jeep/Willys built trucks have no connection to Ford, they bid against Ford to build the same Army standard design.

"MUTT" is a nickname used after the M151 was in service. "Military Utility Tactical Truck" was a program which lead to the M151, but the M151 is not named MUTT and was not called MUTT when in service. That is a collector and enthusiast's nickname.

Subcategories: "Jeep" with a capital "J" is a trademarked brand name and no M151 used it (Kaiser Jeep Corporation did manufacture M151s). With a small "j" "jeep" could be a nickname that was sometimes used for M151s when in service. Sammy D III (talk) 21:52, 11 September 2018 (UTC)