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Y'know, Frisian isn't just one language[edit]

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to point out that Frisian is not a language, but a family of languages. One of the images in this collection illustrates that better than I can in words:

If you care, it's really not accurate to jumble them up like this. There should probably be a master category for the language family. The image I've linked would belong there. And then three subcategories:

  • 1 West Frisian, aka Westerlauwers Fries, Frysk, spoken in Friesland in the Netherlands,


This is the language of the wikipedia/wiktionary duo: (This is the one that some sloppy/lazy people, including myself, in posts all over these projects, sometimes call simply "Frisian.")
  • 2 Sater Frisian, Seeltersk, see:

Oh goodness, I just now discovered, they've got a wikipedia, too! (I'd better hurry up and break that habit of mine in the first parenthetical!)

If you think it's worth cleaning this up, I'm happy to help. But I'd need some hand holding on the tech and naming conventions.

Thanks much. (Tige tank! Fri... er... West Frisian Smile.gif)

Snakesteuben 08:37, 25 March 2008 (UTC)