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Solitude photography of 18 provinces of Luzon, Philippines: their 280 towns and the 3,000 Barangays, landmarks and interesting points[edit]

Good evening; thanks for all your concern upon my photos; Prefatory: allow me to introduce myself as a Jobless Judge in pretend world who lost his gavel, robes and golden throne on April 7, 2006 after 68 months of preventive suspension due to consulting 3 dwarves; because of compassion, my closest relative, sibling, regularly supported me since I lost all my moneys about 2010; with full trust, no questions asked, I received more than $ 40,000 dollars from 2014-2018 excluding sums since 2008 until today; I could have invested or used the sums for business projects but destiny was different; I read Le Petit Prince 20 times and my deeply philosophical existence rather than theological, indoctrinated me to stop counting material things but rather, to value the Times I wasted for my rose (photos) that makes her so important and no grown-ups will ever understand this eternal truth for they are all interested in mathematics, the matters of consequences; as Regional Trial Court Judge of Malabon-Navotas, Metro Manila, it never crossed my mind that I will one day, forever, devote all my days and times to 99% photography; for one afternoon, a Wikimedia Commons learned Editor suggested that in my free times, I could take pictures of parks ... starting from scratch, I began my Journey at Baler, Aurora with the help of a kind Editor User:Ramon FVelasquez, now ailing; thereafter, capturing 18 provinces, including their 280 towns, and more importantly their 3,000 Barangays and the farthest sitios and villages, I tasted how Commons spread its philosophy of wisdom per file; my greatest mistake is I failed to take more than 700 photos per town, cherry-picking and guessing what would be landmarks to subjectively objective future generations of Commons users; when User:Judgefloro's kindness aided me in the journey, in the editing and especially in the Categorizing and in Uploading, I found that in Solitude against loneliness, with firm grip of my hands, I began angle by angle photography Micro than Macro of the landscapes, scenery, the insects, roads and hundreds of Categories, rather than taking photos of Philippine courts where my spirit and soul would never hover because of pain; it takes more often than not, 7-10 hours back and forth travel to reach and finish photography of Barangays of Towns of Provinces; I hate bad weather, and I only take photos when the Sun encounters the Blue Sky turning orange to red in mid afternoon to sunset;
It is my ardent desire to Donate to Wikimedia Commons photos from my spirit, mind and existence: Immortality in world history: specifically, my philosophy is to Paint the Starry Starry Nights of Van Gogh and Vincent's mind of Don McLean, to wit: what is the use of being No. 5 or 6 most active in Commons with 951,000 photos costing $ 40,000 net Travel expenses inter alia, if and only if, the photos will be feature, be quality, but empty; I encountered Guiness Records of Dagupan, Santo Tomas and Bayambang, Pangasinan longest barbecue bangus, corn and eggplant respectively, even if millions of dollars were invested in many illusions just to Break and Create a false immortality but just being repeatedly erased World Records in this imperfect and loony planet; ergo, I consecrated all my 951,000 photos in the Immortal walls of Eternity, to wit: the roads, scenery, the very micro Categories in Commons of nature, flora and fauna, Churches, buildings, all of them are frozen in time; with all due respect, I humbly submit that even Guinness Records can never ever create nor duplicate the Daily Travels and Uploading of 18 provinces and their 3,000 Barangays, 24/7 since 2012, for Wikimedia Commons exclusively; I hereby certify that all the pictures I Donated and uploaded in Commons are included or covered in Wikipedia articles; mostly valued ones, I readily admit my mistakes and faults or simple negligence of uploading some blurry images and duplicates due to my human frailty and weakness; allow me to write my thoughts on valued images: Kamuning Bakery was burned totally; 2 years ago, Savory Escolta was also destroyed by a great fire and San Antonio, Nueva town hall was totally annihilated, too; I and I and I preserved with clarity by Nikon AW100 full resolutions these Iconic landmarks, among the thousands similarly situated which I captured for Immortality; please open Batanes, and other Visayas and Mindanao Provinces, in Wikimedia Commons, and you will find that there are very few photos that one can find thereat; on the other hand ex gratia exemplis, please open Pampanga Province, and you will find that the Historic province is now presented not only Macro landmarks but even Micro to the farthest unreachable villages and sitios by User:Judgefloro for Immortality in the walls of the past, present and future; I respectfully remain very sincerely yours, and best regards -Judgefloro 13:49, 8 February 2018 (UTC) (talk)

̈* Sipat-Dampol, Plaridel, Bulacan Farm-to-Market Road

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