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See Commons:Categories for discussion/2010/08/Category:Zeichen 206 for some related discussion.  Docu  at 21:07, 24 August 2010 (UTC)

Pantone colors[edit]

What is the purpose of using Pantone color specifications for the SVG highway sign images here at the Wikimedia Commons? The colors produced "by the numbers" on the screen don't look anything like the colors seen in full sunlight by a digital camera. For example, the Pantone Blue 294 color looks very dark, perhaps like Navy Blue, on my monitor, yet photos of actual U.S. highway signs with white letters on blue backgrounds look closer to Royal Blue, a much brighter shade. Unless the sign examples here are intended for manufacturing such signs (they are not), I suggest that the screen colors be chosen to more closely resemble what the human eye or a digital camera would see on a sunny day. Furthermore, I'm currently using a cathode ray tube display, capable of the full 16.7 million color gamut. If you're using a typical LCD display, chances are that it is barely capable of about 262,000 colors, or 1.6% of what most CRT displays can achieve, in which case you might as well forget about attempting to match colors for technically demanding applications. —Quicksilver@ 18:26, 30 November 2011 (UTC)

I've found this true also. These colors seem to come from an online source that others have copied giving hex equivalents to Pantone colors. However, when I use Adobe Illustrator, open a Color Book in swatches, and pick one of the MUTCD Pantone colors, I get much more saturated colors. A good example is MUTCD orange. This page says Pantone 152 is #dd7500       , but in Illustrator Pantone 152 (solid coated, but others are similar) gives #F3901D       , a much brighter color. Parsa (talk) 01:25, 5 February 2012 (UTC)