Christ Pantocrator

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English: Christ Pantocrator is a conception of Jesus Christ as the Almighty, or "Ruler of All things", and is a common depiction of Jesus in the Byzantine or Eastern Orthodox churches.
Deutsch: Pantokrator
Español: Pantocrátor
Français : Christ Pantocrator
Italiano: Cristo Pantocratore
Nederlands: Pantocrator
Polski: Pantokrator
Română: Pantocrator
Português: Pantocrator
Svenska: Pantokrator






Hagia Sofia[edit]

Deisis mosaic[edit]

English: From Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. Deisis mosaic (detail). 1280. Same as two next.
Français : Christ en majesté, détail de la mosaïque de Déisis, haghia Sophia, Istanbul. 1280

With Empress Zoe[edit]

English: Uncovered Byzantine mosaic of Christ with Empress Zoe and in the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.
Deutsch: Mosaiken in der Hagia Sophia, Szene: Thronender und segnender Christus zwischen Kaiser Konstantin IX. und Kaiserin Zoe
Italiano: Mosaico bizantino con l'imperatore Costantino IX Monomaco e sua moglie Zoe ai lati del Cristo Pantocratore. Sec. XI. Santa Sofia, Istanbul.