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The Cinquantenaire is a group of museums, built King Leopold II of Belgium, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Belgian Independence.

The Complex seen outside[edit]

The Arch of triumph - Arc de Triomphe[edit]


Royal Army and Military History Museum[edit]

The collection of the museum is garded by the Belgian Ministry of Defense, and has a collections of old uniform and arms of the Royal Navy, the Royal Belgian Air Force, the Infantery and Cavalry. Especially noteworthy is its collection of aircraft in the aviation hall.

Royal Museums of Art and History[edit]

This museum bring an vieuw of the collection of Art and history, througout the Ages. The museum is an union with the Tower of Halle, the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM),the Museums of the Far Eastern Cultures; The Japanes Tower, the Chinese Pavillon and the Museum for Japanese Arts.