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Examples Toulouse. En gare. Locomotive. 4 octobre 1899 (1899) - 51Fi13 - Fonds Trutat.jpg

Grotte fortifiée à Albiat sic (Ariège) - 51Fi64 - Fonds Trutat.jpg

Ego (Eugène Trutat). Cliché Sans - 51Fi70 - Fonds Trutat.jpg

Toulouse. Capitole ancien. Porte du petit consistoire - 51Fi162 - Fonds Trutat.jpg

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The City Archives of Toulouse (Archives municipales de Toulouse) are a service of the City of Toulouse dedicated to collect, preserve, classify and keep available to the public the sources about the history of the city and its citizens. They preserve documents from the 12th century to the present.

Eugène Trutat is a French photograph, geologist and naturalist from the 19th century. He left 20,000 photographs on glass, a collection known as the "Fonds Trutat". This preservation of this collection is shared by the Library of Toulouse, the Museum and the Archives.


In October 2010, the French chapter Wikimédia France signed an agreement with the City of Toulouse. This partnership serves as an umbrella for various projects with several cultural institutions of the city. As part of this, the City Archives shared the "Fonds Trutat" to be deposited on Wikimedia Commons.

During December 2010, 200 photographs of the Fonds were uploaded along with the metadata provided by the Archives.

In November 2013, the rest of the 480 files constituting the Fonds were uploaded.


Each image is only 500 pixels on its longest side. Average file size appears to be around 55 kilobytes.

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