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US Army Research Laboratory Eniac[edit]

  • Describe the works to be uploaded in detail (audio files, images by …):
    Images (PNGs are high-res, also lo-res GIF, JPG): those which are photos should ideally be converted to JPG)
    I only count around 20 such images, so please state if that's too few for a batch upload to be considered.
    There are a few duplicates within Category:ENIAC, but I gather that the batch proposal equivalents are generally of better quality.
  • Is there a template that could be used on the file description pages? Do you think a special template should be created?
    Not that I know of... possibly something about ENIAC


  • ✓ Done I uploaded the PNGs for all of the non-duplicate photos that were identified as public domain (13 photos) BMacZero (talk) 05:02, 16 May 2015 (UTC)
Assigned to Progress Bot name Category