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A featured kitten in the snow.

The Featured Kittens project is designed to replace potentially offensive pictures of the day with inoffensive photographs of cats, specifically kittens.


The Five "C"s[edit]

The images chosen must comply with the Five "C"s:

  1. Cat - The picture must be of a cat.
  2. Cute - The kitten in the picture must be cute.
  3. Carefree - Kittens are meant to be carefree and whimsical - a kitten which is unhappy or otherwise disturbed is not suitable for being featured.
  4. Clean - There should not be the slightest hint of anything controversial - this includes dead mice, suckling, owners, etc.
  5. Cute - this one is so important it deserves a second mention.


Featured Kittens, like Featured Pictures, have the following technical requirements: focus, exposure, composition, movement control and depth of field.

  • Focus - the main focus of the photo must be the kitten.
  • Exposure - The kitten must be visible, however particularly cute lumps under towels and the like may be granted exemptions.
  • Composition - the kitten must be composed of feline elements, such as ears, fur, paws and a tail (optional).
  • Movement control - The kitten must be in control of its movement, either directly or by controlling human patsies.
  • Depth of field - This is a field. It may have a kitten in it, but the field is too deep to be able to tell. Such pictures are not acceptable.

Graphic elements[edit]

On the graphic elements we have shape, volume, colour, texture, perspective, balance, proportion, noise, etc.

  • Shape - The kitten must still be kitten shaped. Kittens in bottles are not accepted here.
  • Volume - The kitten must be of feline volume - particularly large kittens may in fact be sheep.
  • Texture - The kitten in question should preferably have fur. While egyptian hairless cats are cats, they may well fail the cute requirement.
  • Perspective - The perspective should be such as to show the kitten at optimal cuteness.
  • Balance - Kittens are not required to be balanced, however full-grown cats have more self-esteem and so photos of fully grown cats falling over are strictly banned, and nominating such images may well lead to you being indefinitely blocked from editing Commons.
  • Proportion - If the kitten seems very long, it may be a sausage dog.
  • Noise - If the picture miaows, mews, purrs, roars or otherwise makes a noise, please see a doctor.


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