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This is a list of some MediaWiki messages which may be useful for supporting Commons:Localization (particularly in templates).

Example: {{int:filedesc}} - generates "Summary" in the user's interface language (for you: Summary).

message content in your interface language see also/notes
MediaWiki:contribslink contribs
MediaWiki:edit-conflict Edit conflict Used by {{Edit conflict}}
MediaWiki:filedesc Summary
MediaWiki:talkpagelinktext talk
MediaWiki:license Licensing: Automatically includes a link to Commons:copyright tags.
MediaWiki:license-header Licensing Replaces MediaWiki:license.
Template:Assessment Assessment
MediaWiki:categories and MediaWiki:categorytree-category Categories and Category: The second message is not part of MediaWiki, it is part of mw:Extension:CategoryTree.
MediaWiki:file-anchor-link and MediaWiki:Prefs-files File and Files
MediaWiki:wm-license-cc-attribution Attribution
MediaWiki:wm-license-original-upload-log Original upload log Can be accessed easily via {{Original upload log}}
MediaWiki:wm-license-own-work Own work Can be accessed easily via {{Own}}
MediaWiki:wm-license-information-permission-see-below See below. Can be accessed easily via {{See below}}
MediaWiki:wm-license-information-other-versions Other versions
MediaWiki:wm-license-information-description Description
MediaWiki:Feedback-close Done Used by {{Resolved}}.
MediaWiki:code-rev-modified-d deleted Or MediaWiki:lqt hist deleted.
MediaWiki:top Top A custom message on Commons.
MediaWiki:toc Contents
MediaWiki:Seealso See also Used by {{See also}}.
MediaWiki:Note Note:

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