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This project aims at assessing the validity of all license templates on Commons.

New license templates should not be used before they are assessed by this project.


  • Are the legal claims of the template correct and is the wording legally correct?
  • Does the template represent a free license or a condition which is in the Project scope?
  • Is the template sufficiently different from related templates or could files be tagged with existing templates instead?
  • Is the template categorized into the appropiate subcategories of Category:License tags?

Besides the above-mentioned criteria that must be met, there are some additional things that should be looked for in the validation process:

  • Is the template localizable (in most cases {{autotranslate}} should be used in the main template)?
  • Does the template use common styles (e.g. {{PD-Layout}} or {{CC-Layout}})?
  • Is the template documented (using {{Documentation}} and {{TemplateBox}} for example) and is the documentation complete and easy to understand (also for unexperienced users)?

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Validation list[edit]


Select any template from this list of unvalidated licenses and create a new heading below to start a discussion.

A template will be regarded as validated, if there is common consensus, that the license and the template are valid. Validated templates should be tagged with {{License template|validated=1|...}}.