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Notice draft, comments welcome

Categorization by room[edit]

Rooms numbers are grouped into thematic units that may or may not correspond to a curatorial department. The only consistent system seems to have one category for each of these units, each one containing one category for each room, and no other category. Since some objects are displayed in rooms that do not correspond to their own department, it may make sense to avoid the word "department" in category names. Suggestions.

Part Texte de l’en-tête
Near Eastern Antiquities Musée du Louvre - Near Eastern Antiquities - Room X
(or Near Eastern Antiquities rooms: X ?)
Egyptian Antiquities Musée du Louvre - Egyptian Antiquities - Room X
Islamic Art Musée du Louvre - Islamic Art - Room X
Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities Musée du Louvre - Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities - Room X
Foreign paintings Musée du Louvre - Foreign paintings - Room X
"International paintings" serait plus politiquement correct, mais j'aurais l'impression de franchir les limites du bizarre
French paintings + drawings + Carlos de Beistegui Collection  ??
French sculptures Musée du Louvre - French sculptures - Room X
Foreign sculptures Musée du Louvre - Foreign paintings - Room X
Medieval Louvre Musée du Louvre - Medieval Louvre - Room X
Decorative Arts Musée du Louvre - Decorative Arts - Room X

Subcategories of room categories should be exclusively devoted to a single object or a particular showcase.

Not on display in the Louvre[edit]

Should we have a particular classification for them ? The simplest solution would be hidden flat categories linking each object to its curatorial department.

What should we do with object on long term loans to other museums ?

Thematic categorization[edit]

Alternative categorization are not logically necessarily but may be convenient (at leat until new tools are developed) However, this is an infinite task. I would suggest to use it only when it is part of a wider scheme. That is Category:Art of India in the Louvre should be kept because there is a Category:Collections of art of India by museum because we have but Category:Works by Watteau in the Louvre (own creation) should be deleted because we dont have any Category:Works by Watteau by museum

Categorization by accession number[edit]

Can be done automatically through {{Louvre number}}, mostly for fun.