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User supporting Commons 2.0 !
User supporting Commons 2.0 !

Move toward Commons 2.0! aims to move Commons from the previous "uploaders community" to a new and active Graphist Community, which we can call Commons 2.0.

This move was started in 2006, with the creation and spread of the Category:Graphics abilities, to design the lines of the major communities on commons: bitmap, animation, SVG, photographs, and audio contributors. Since most of these categories have now more than one hundred users each, we can continue to move farther.

In this aim, a Graphic Village Pump have been set up, to host general discussions about JPEG, GIF, PNG, SVG, and Ogg, to provide technical support and answers to each other, and to help graphic projects on commons.

It still stay some last stones for this move toward Commons 2.0. The first of them being to make live the local Graphic Lab, where wikigraphists can give a hand improve and clean up images, when other users like you can request images improvement of clean up. Feature images are especially welcome to be given the last clean up needed.

It may also be need to :

  1. make a powerful call for volunteers by the Mediawiki:sitenotice (about 20 active users/graphist needed)
  2. organize the work in sub-graphic labs according to the major communities;
  3. finish to set up the Mapmaking efficient guidelines