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Illustration remixing a vintage, 1950s-style illustration of a female teacher in front of a classroom with children. The teacher points to a 'blackboard' which actually shows an OpenRefine screenshot.

OpenRefine is a powerful free, open source tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data. It is widely used by data scientists, data journalists, cultural institutions, and other professionals working with data. OpenRefine is also a popular tool to batch upload and batch edit data on Wikidata.

Since 2022, with support from a Wikimedia grant, it is possible to use OpenRefine to batch edit and upload files on Wikimedia Commons, with a focus on adding multilingual, linked, structured data to the media files on Commons.

OpenRefine-Wikimedia train-the-trainer course, 2023-24[edit]

To build capacity for training Wikimedians, organizations, and partners of the Wikimedia movement to use OpenRefine’s Wikimedia functionalities, OpenRefine offers a ‘train-the-trainer’ course which runs from November 2023 until April 2024.

The application period for this course is now closed. Thanks to all who applied!

OpenRefine training is in high demand in the Wikimedia movement and, broadly, among potential OpenRefine users. This ‘train-the-trainer’ course is meant to fill this gap. The course mentors a group of Wikimedians and partners to become regular, international and movement-wide teachers and advisors for OpenRefine’s Wikimedia features—with a focus on Structured Data on Commons.

After successfully completing this course, trainees will be listed as a certified OpenRefine-Wikimedia trainer who will regularly teach OpenRefine in the Wikimedia movement, including to its partners. A public list of certified OpenRefine-Wikimedia trainers will be made available on


The course curriculum includes the following broad topics and assignments (subject to adjustment):

  • Reading, evaluating and improving existing OpenRefine documentation and educational materials.
  • Doing uploads and batch edits to Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons with OpenRefine.
  • Mastering advanced/challenging OpenRefine features.
  • Teaching OpenRefine to a group of Wikimedians or staff of Wikimedia partner organizations.
  • Supporting OpenRefine-Wikimedia users who have questions or who need some help.


The following people are participating in the course:

Frequently asked questions[edit]

I want to learn to use OpenRefine for Wikimedia editing at my own pace. Do you have any pointers for me?

OpenRefine beginners tutorial, including first steps on using OpenRefine for Wikidata, by Emma Carroll (2019)

There are many online resources to learn OpenRefine and its Wikimedia features. We recommend the following for beginners:

In late 2023 and early 2024, there will also be a new OpenRefine course on WikiLearn.

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