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Pearson Scott Foresman is an educational publisher that sent 16 boxes of illustrations (which are diverse in wide ranges of topics) to the Wikimedia Foundation office in Spring of 2007, donating them into the public domain in the process, for use on Wikimedia Commons.

See Commons:Pearson_Scott_Foresman/Complete_List for complete list

Here are the sample images (divided into its distinct categories that are touched up by the contributors and are ready to be used in Wiki projects.

The Project


By November of 2007, only a fraction of the images had been scanned and even fewer uploaded (see Category:PD-ScottForesman and Category:Pearson Scott Foresman publisher). This is primarily due to the limited availability of volunteers in the Wikimedia offices. Going forward, in order to ease the process (and to avoid having to ship 16 boxes to San Francisco), we are uploading only the raw scans of images, in order to open up the project to volunteers worldwide.

How to participate

Obsoleted Procedures / Kept for archival Purposes

The raw scan

Image name Image:Psf img-071129114204.jpg

To the left is a sample scan. Unprocessed scans may be found in Category:ScottForesman-raw. Each item should be extracted from this image.

Image editing


Typical work, using your favorite graphics editing program would be as follows:

Whitepointing in GIMP


A simple guide to apply a sort of whitepointing in GIMP
Note: It is highly encouraged to save as .png instead of .jpg/.jpeg



This image is then saved as a grayscale PNG (which is a preferred format for black and white line art) file and uploaded as Image:Toad (PSF).png. The "PSF" (Pearson Scott Foresman) is tagged on to the image name to avoid conflict with other images that may have been uploaded to Commons.

Uploads should use the template {{ScottForesman}} for permissions and source.

If using the new upload wizard, follow the steps in uploading

(1) Release rights - Select "This file is not my own work".
(2) Another reason not mentioned above - Select and key-in {{ScottForesman}}

  • Add the following parameters to the processed images:{{ScottForesman}}

(3) Add the necessary info such as dates P.S: If you do not choose to categorize the image yourself, please add the {{Uncategorized}} template, in order that others who are following image cleanup do it.

After uploading , edit the following in the processed images:

{{ScottForesman|raw= #File:Original Scanned Images.png}}

  • Add the following parameters to the raw images :
|date=2007-12-3 22:54 (UTC)
|images= <gallery>
Image: #ImageExample1.png
Image: #ImageExample2.png
Image: #ImageExample3.png
Image: #ImageExample4.png

The above images were extracted as follows:

Raw Scan of PSF-I480001

Step 1 - Images on the right are one of the examples of raw scans of the COM:PSF. Unprocessed scans may be found in Category:ScottForesman-raw. Each item should be extracted from this image.

Loading screen of GIMP

Step 2 - Use GIMP (or your any of the alternate software), in this case I demonstrate using GIMP for processing images

Grayscale the images

Step 3 - On the menu tab , click on Images -> Mode -> Grayscale to remove any of the residue colours on the images for the easier processing of the images on the next step

Curves the colour

Step 3 - On the menu tab , click on Colors -> Curves to adjust the curves to easily remove any of the residue colours that should not belong to the pics (Example greyish tone)

Curves the colour

Step 4 - Adjust the curve (to look like it is more like S-Shaped curve) to remove the residual grayish tone. In very severe cases, try J-shaped curve to remove the severe grayish tone and the S-shaped curve

Final Look

Step 5 - Final product should looked like this



Use the upload and when uploading , select "This file is not my own work" and filled necessary infos.

On the tab "Now tell us why you are sure you have the right to publish this work:" , choose " Another reason not mentioned above" and type '''{{PSF}}''' which is the license template for Pearson Scott Foresman License custom Common License for uploads.

IMPORTANT: To all potential project contributors: All of the images uploaded should end with (PSF) Note: Based on the instructions on the now deleted categories:



Finally, update the image description page of the original scan. Most, if not all, of the original scans will be tagged with the {{ScottForesman-raw}} template (if not, they should be). Place the images in a <gallery> using the images parameter; see this diff link for an example. Doing this will categorize the raw image under Category:ScottForesman-raw-processed.

Image usage


Don't forget to look for places where to use these images! You can see some examples of where they are being used in Commons:Pearson Scott Foresman/Usage.

For more statistics of the , you can look the statistic here.