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Examples Alfred Ailamazyan — founder of IPS RAN

Elena Muzilina — member of the State Duma

Installing the IZOT hard drive, its capacity was 2,4 megabytes

Michael Orlov — artist from Mosfilm studio

Architect Ivan Purishev

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The newspaper «Pereslavl Week» owns exclusive rights to its photo-archive.

Following the example of the Bundesarchiv and RIA Novosti, «Pereslavl Week» opens its archive to the public in 2012 with the help of WikiCommons. This project aims to spread knowledge about Russian life, to close the information gap in Yaroslavl region history, to provide a useful example of local activities.

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  • «Переславская неделя» публикует свой архив под свободной лицензией cc-by-sa 3.0
    , Викимедиа РУ, .
  • «Переславская неделя» загрузила на Викисклад больше 200 фотографий
    , Викиновости, .