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POTY 2012 Categories
Arthropods Arthropods (41) Lepidoptera Lepidoptera (74) Birds Birds (62) Mammals Mammals (27)
Other animals Other animals (32) Plants and fungi Plants and fungi (50) Bones, shells and fossils Bones, shells and fossils (18) People and human activities People and human activities (63)
Paintings and illustrations Paintings (62) Sculptures, vitral and inscriptions Sculptures, Vitral and Inscriptions (44) Cities and ruins Cities and ruins (61) Constructions and buildings Constructions and buildings (98)
Interiors and details Interiors and details (62) Panoramic views Panoramic views (60) Nature views Nature views (60) Astronomy, satellite and outer space Astronomy, satellite and outer space (39)
Maps and diagrams Maps and illustrations (44) Vehicles and crafts Vehicles and crafts (40) Objects, rocks and miscellaneous Objects, rocks and miscellaneous (40) Videos and animations Videos and animations (12)