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Project Korikath

Project Korikath primarily focuses on donating media to the Wikimedia movement through the commons. We will extend our work on Wikidata later. The inclusion of all the locations, structures, and monuments in Wikimedia Commons is the primary driving force behind our effort - starting in our own city, of course. There are many Wikipedia entries that require photographs, but because those pages aren't as popular, people rarely upload images of them. We are beginning this effort in order to fill these gaps. Our project's initial focus is on locations, memorials, and landmarks. However, we will eventually extend our work to every geographical landmark.

We want to make it possible for everyone to contribute to Commons by uploading photos of their surroundings while using the most basic camera-capable smartphone.

Our mission is to ensure that every local place with Wikimedia entries has relevant images. We are trying our best with some enthusiastic young volunteers.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The Project is open to anyone from any country; anyone of any age group is welcome to participate.


Take a photo and upload it to Wikimedia Commons:



  • Group photowalks: With our photography team, we arrange photowalks in the places which needs coverage in Wikimedia Commons.
  • Solo Photowalks: Our team is unable to physically visit certain places and conduct photowalks on a large scale. Our team members cover those locations independently through solo photowalks.

Our Goals and Ambition

Through this project, we want to exhibit the monuments, structures, and places embedded in the everyday lives of the people of Bangladesh. The word, "Korikath" (Bengali: কড়িকাঠ) means the wooden beam used to support the roof of one-story buildings in the traditional house-making of Bangladesh. The name suggests going beyond our limited spaces and exploring the world while helping the world population to take part in the expedition by contributing to open-source media repositories like Wikimedia Commons.

The main targets we have selected for this project are:

Capturing and inserting appropriate pictures in the articles related to monuments or landmarks of different countries that currently have no picture; Capturing and inserting better pictures in the articles related to monuments or landmarks of different countries that need better quality pictures; Promoting lesser-known structures all around the world by adding high-quality pictures; To provide a friendly working environment by following the friendly space policy for the newcomers to Wikimedia Commons.

Sample photos

Suggested photography tips

*If you are a beginner, check out our guides to taking better pictures.

  • Please be considerate to your fellow photographers, and to others. Some of the buildings to be photographed may be private residences. Please be especially respectful in these cases – do not continue to take photographs if asked to stop by the occupier.
  • If you are photographing building interiors, stop if you are asked to do so. Some places prohibit interior photography, but in others you may be allowed to continue if you ask for permission.
  • Do not trespass on private property (it is perfectly legal, though, to take photographs of a privately-owned building while standing in a public place such as the street).
  • Try to avoid taking photographs in which identifiable people appear prominently. You may not be able to avoid people entirely, for examples at tourist attractions, and where you have to you can include crowds or groups of people provided they are not a main part of your image.
  • Where possible avoid photographing vehicles, and particularly vehicle numberplates.

Interested to join!!

I'm alone!
You're alone!!
But WE together are not alone to make a change!!!

Join one of the largest photo and multimedia communities in the world. Wikimedia Commons is not only the image repository for Wikipedia, but an independent project that seeks to document the world with photos, videos and recordings.

These are some steps on how YOU can make a change:

  1. Visiting a new place (or just the place you regularly visit)? Just take some extra minutes to check the Wikipedia entries regarding that place.
  2. If the entry(ies) lack quality image(s), congratulations! Now it's your turn to fill the gap.
  3. Go to the place, pick up your phone (or camera if possible), start clicking and don't stop until you get the best ever click of your life!
  4. Now upload your masterpiece to Wikimedia Commons and add "Project Korikath" category under the Image.

That's it!! The rest will be handled by us.

If you need any assistance, please review the tutorial about uploading images in Commons.

Join in Wikimedia Commons
Create an account in Wikimedia Commons from here.!

Search for subjects
Search for subjects or places to capture.

Don't wait! Just start clicking. Take images from different perspective, lighting.

Write description
Note the description of your image so that you can easily add description and title while uploading.

Are you done with taking image? Then why are you waiting? Just upload your image here.

Meet our team.

The management of the project is entrusted to our seven-member steering committee. This committee assumes responsibility for policy-making, supervision, and project maintenance.