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The page contains information on pronunciation files used in Wiktionaries, Wikipedias and Wikidata.

File format and the storehouse[edit]

Files need to be in ogg, wav or FLAC format (see Commons:Media help). Commons is the only place to store the files (do not store them on local Wiktionaries).


Where necessary, some inflected forms should be recorded too (Baum, Bäume; man, men; człowiek, ludzie; etc). Ideally the word should be repeated twice; by a man and a woman.

Naming the files, and the language code[edit]

xx-word.ogg, where xx is the ISO 639 code for the language.(For English, the code is "en") For languages that don't have two-letter codes, use the assigned three-letter code. If there are words that are spelt the same way, but pronounced differently, we add a number after "word" and include the explanation on the file description page.


Every pronunciation file should be put to a proper language category. For example, English pronunciation files should be under Category:English pronunciation category. So, please write like this: [[Category:English pronunciation|word]]

Additionally, please add "how-to-read" in the parameter. For example, the file en-man.ogg should be appeared under a letter "m". Write as follows. Note that writing |Man will put the file under "M" letter, which is completely different!

[[Category:English pronunciation|man]]


If you have questions or suggestions, please use the Talk-page for the discussion.

Help playing/recording *.ogg[edit]

For encoding Ogg Vorbis files, use quality 3.

How do I use the files in my Wiktionary or Wikipedia?[edit]

You don't need to re-upload any files - they will be fetched from Commons. The syntax is [[Media:LNG-word.ogg|word]] (local example - example from pl.wiktionary - example from it.wiktionary - example from nl.wiktionary).

Alternatively, you may create a template "Audio" containing "<span class="audiolink">[[Media:{{{1}}}|listen]]</span>" (or something more complex) which will create links like this: {{audio|pl-niemiecki.ogg}} ( Result: listen ). The audiolink class must be included in your wiki's Mediawiki:Common.css by an administrator.

Where do I find/request a particular recording?[edit]

ISO code Language
in English
Local requests page Resources
ang Anglo-Saxon Ábiddan rihtstefne category contents - page
ar Arabic category contents - page
br Breton category contents - page
zh Chinese category contents - page
ca Catalan category contents - page
cs Czech category contents - page
da Danish category contents - page
de German Hörbeispiele/Liste category contents - page
en English Pronunciation file requests category contents - page
es Spanish category contents - page
fa Persian category contents - page
fi Finnish category contents - page
fr French Demande de prononciation audio category contents - page
ga Irish Iarratais fuaimniú category contents - page
it Italian Registrazioni/Lista category contents - page
ja Japanese category contents - page
ko Korean category contents - page
la Latin Petitiones recitationum category contents - page
nl Dutch Ontbrekend geluid (requests are made by template) category contents - page
pl Polish Zamówienia na nagrania wymowy category contents - page
pt Portuguese Registros sonoros/Lista category contents - page
ru Russian category contents - page
simple Simple English Audio requests category contents - page
sv Swedish Önskemål om uttal category contents
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