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Users with a large number of uploaded files are welcome to categorize their uploads via user-specific categories (UserCat), e.g. "Category:Files by User:Example". Such categories must be tagged with {{User category}}. Users may also create subcategories, these subcategories must be named in the following format:

  • Category:Files by User:Example
    • Category:Files by User:Example (PDFs)
    • Category:Files by User:Example (images)
      • Category:Files by User:Example (retouched images)
    • Category:Files by User:Example (charts)

Although the following special-purpose subcategories may require sub-UserCats to be named quite differently:

These subcategories must be categorised under the user's main category, and should not be categorized with other non-UserCats. Thus the relevant images must still be categorised under the main tree (i.e., if you add "Category:Files by User:Example (photos from London)", you still need to add "Category:London" to the same image).

The creating user has the full mentioning whatever necessary in the UserCat (such a real name, for attribution), or adding links to userpages or other Commons pages.

Users with a low number of uploads are advised (but not required) to use userspace galleries (such as "User:Example/Photos") instead.

Restrictions on UserCats[edit]

  • Should not be created to collect files based on the opinion of any user (e.g. "User:Files by User:Example (favourites)").
  • Should not be used to categorize files that were not created by the uploader (e.g. NASA images), including files transferred from another wiki.
  • The name (Category:Files by User:Example) should reflect your current username, thus the parent UserCat should always be named in the format: "Category:Files by User:Example"
  • Subcategories should be named with the prefix "Category:Files by User:Example", followed by description in brackets.

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